Cracker Barrel Sends Warning Message to Fans After ‘ALL IN’, Tenille Dashwood & Curt Hawkins Comment on the Show


Cracker Barrel was one of the main sponsors for ALL IN and the company has thanked fans for watching, whilst urging people not to use their signature barrels to beat up their friends.

During the Chicago Street Fight between Hangman Page and Joey Janela, both men used a real Cracker Barrel as a weapon and the company has reacted to that. Cracker Barrel sent out a tweet urging people to not attempt throwing their friends into one of their barrels in real life. This is the strangest “Don’t Try This at Home” message.  ever.

Tenille Dashwood On ALL IN

Tenille Dashwood commented on ALL IN, stating that ALL IN was an amazing event, adding that she thought the women killed it, congratulating Cody and the Bucks as well as everyone involved in the show. Dashwood was part of ALL IN herself, joining the commentary team for the women’s match.

Curt Hawkins Proud Of MJF

WWE Superstar, Curt Hawkins sent a tweet to MJF, who competed in the opening match of ALL IN, stating simply that he was proud of him.