Current WWE star is an ordained minister and will be officiating weddings in Los Angeles

Big E recently spoke with about how he has been ordained as a minister and is officiating weddings in Los Angeles. “I just got ordained online. It’s a surprisingly easy process. You just put some information in, and they send you a certificate. That’s that. It’s official. We made sure of that.”

When asked what led to him offering himself up as a wedding officiant. He said that he recently learned that he would have a lot of time off and that he doesn’t do well with a lot of idle time. He said that WrestleMania 33 kept him busy, but since then they had about six days off, which was fitting and then on TV. He said that he is ready to work and he was thinking about what he could do. He gave credit to Enzo Amore for coming up with the idea and as soon as he heard about it, he thought that it was ridiculous but phenomenal as well. He ran it by some of his friends and couldn’t think of a reason not to do it and got even more excited about the prospect.

When asked what makes him a good fit for this. He said that he is hoping that people are excited to have him. He said that he wants it to be something where everyone involved is pleased with the outcome. “I could give you something sappy about people who are madly in love and want to be together forever, but it’s cool to be part of someone’s day. I had no idea how much interest there would actually be; I just threw it out there. I told Emilio that I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no serious requests, but there are a few.” He said that they have to sit down and reply to people. He added that he needs to find a way to call, so people know it’s real.

You can read the entire interview here.