Curtis Axel Exchanges Words with Konnan on Twitter


It’s been well-known that former WCW Wrestler Konnan has been very vocal during recent interviews about how he feels about the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel, going as far as to labeling him as “boring” and calling him “wonder bread.”

Curtis Axel since then has responded to these remarks, writing on his Twitter account, “Well what do ya know! Looks like @Konnan5150 is trying to gain social media popularity by talking about a REAL Superstar!”

Konnan was quick to respond to Axel’s Twitter remarks, “@RealCurtisAxel dont give a fuck about social media popularity..i dont know u and have nothing against u dude, u just have zero charisma..”

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    • Yeah, Konnan has been a wrestler for almost 2 decades and in mexico is a TV star as well… and Curtis Axel’s name sounds like he’s the lost Mechanic from Bob Sparky Plug and Crash Holly’s Auto Shop (Yeah, Our mechanic Curtis Axel will get er all greased up for ya).
      Become Joe Hennig and become a star, that’d be a real tribute to your family.

        • If I could have uprated you 5 times i would. Exactly. And his finisher…. This 3/4 Rude Awakening into a faceplant??? What is that? The Rude Ending? Axel Grinder? What is that? I know the man was your godfather, but, maybe just tell people what you’d like to have right now? I think the only one of his father’s close friends still alive in the business anyway is Joe Laurenitis/Animal. He should probably listen to him more and WWE Creative less, but, that’s just a guess. Him and his Grandpa.

          • There’s times where he uses the Perfect Plex but it’s rare, sadly since Cena has made it a “regular” move of his it’s lost it’s luster. Whatever you call that joke of a neckbreaker he does now is just lame, almost seems he’s more likely to knock himself out instead of his opponent. He probably shouldn’t listen to much of what Animal has to say as he’s kinda gone a little weird in his later years. The Rock is really high on him and was the one he was training with to get back into ring shape. Should probably take some pointers from him, arguably one of the most successful stars the business has ever seen.

          • Brock Lesnar was a friend of his Dads and has given Axel pointers,but Lesnar wasn’t all that charismatic, that’s why they point him with Heyman. Probably also why they put Axel with Heyman.

    • He and Johnny Curtis/Fandango need more work. The only thing good about Fandango now is Summer Rae, and she needs to be in Playboy.

  1. I think Konnan is trying to jockey for a PPV spot and into a feud with Axel, so I wouldn’t feed into it if I were Curtis Axel. Konna has zero and I mean ZERO appeal value at this point and is doing anything to keep himself in the limelight. I have 3 letters for Konnan…W C W. He was Kevin Nash and Scott Hall’s bagboy and stirred up a lot of controversy while there. His backstage politics are legendary. Why do you think WWE did not want him?? I rest my case on the has been known as Konnan.

    • He’s just not wrong this time.
      A damned shame about his joint replacements, he was one of the best. Him and VanDam should have had some serious feuding.


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