Curtis Axel Responds To Criticism

Curtis Axel, who often responds to fans on Twitter, continues to address criticism over his abilities. During SmackDown, a fan wrote, “Yeah. CM Punk vs Broomstick would be more interesting than this match. @RealCurtisAxel have less charisma than The Broom.” He responded, “hey!!! Don’t offend broomsticks! They have feelings too.” The fan then remarked on “Mr. Charisma” responding to him, leading Axel to write back, “ur right! I have no charisma. All I do all day is stare at the wall with a blank look on my face… It’s fun!”

Earlier in the week, a fan cautioned Axel on being branded as uncharismatic again by Konnan, leading the Raw wrestler to snap back, “Who cares what that piece of crap thinks.”

Meanwhile, Konnan said his critical remarks toward Axel aren’t out of hatred. “Not hatin, just stating…#GetInformed,” he said to a fan on Twitter telling him to “stop hating.”

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  • Jay

    Axel shows more personality on twitter then he does on the mic and ring.I want him to do good but he just doesn’t have that it factor

    • Josh Cervera

      your right , he does lol