CZW Tournament of Death 18 Results: Light Tube Madness, Fans Bring The Weapons, Matt Tremont vs Mance Warner


CZW Tournament of Death 18 Results
Voorhees, New Jersey
June 22, 2019

First Round

1. Dan O’Hare def. Shlak in a Doors of Death match

2. Conor Claxton def. Jimmy Lyon in a Summer Funtime Death Match

3. Jimmy Lloyd def. John Wayne Murdoch in a Shattered Dreams Panes of Glass Death Match

4. Casanova Valentine def. Big F’n Joe in a Bundles & Boards Death Match

Non-Tournament Match

5. Nate Carter & Dave McCall def. Ken Broadway & Matt Travis

Semi-Final Round

6. Conor Claxton def. Jimmy Lloyd in a Exploding Bat & Light Tube Death Match

7. Dan O’Hare def. Cassanova Valentine in a Texas Tumbleweed Death Match

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Non-Tournament Match

8. Matt Tremont def. Mance Warner in a Fans Bring the Weapons Death Match

Tournament Finals

9. Conor Claxton def. Dan O’Hare in a Light Tube Madness Death Match to win the 2019 CZW Tournament of Death