Dalton Castle On Fans Doubting His Abilities, What He Thinks of the New ROH Title, What He Learned Facing Daniels


New Ring of Honor Champion Dalton Castle recently spoke with Ring of Honor’s website and below are some interview highlights:

ROH: What are your thoughts on the newly designed belt?

DC: I think it looks fantastic!

ROH: How did you celebrate your victory?

DC: I flew to Cabo, spent three full minutes of uninterrupted eye contact with a mini horse and then ordered many drinks with tiny umbrellas.

ROH: What did you learn from your first world title shot, against Christopher Daniels in April?

DC: That no one person or moment is meant to be taken lightly. Anything can happen in that ring and to be a champion you need to be prepared for everything. Also it’s very important to stay limber.

ROH: When you first started in ROH, a lot of fans and pundits recognized how entertaining of a performer you are, but I don’t know that many saw you as a future world champion. Did you always believe you could be where you are now? Or was there a moment in ROH when you realized that you have what it takes to be world champion?

DC: No, I never doubted my abilities. I belong in a pro wrestling ring and knew if I just continued to be fearless I would be able to be myself and move up. It wasn’t a moment that I started to see ‘I have what it takes,’ it was more I noticed others started to see what I already knew.

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