Dalton Castle On If He Is Interested In NXT, Being Frustrated After Becoming ROH Champion, Thoughts On ‘All In’ Event


Dalton Castle was a recent guest on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where he discussed a variety of topics, including whether he would be interested in a move to NXT. Below are some highlights from the interview:

Interest in NXT:

“I literally just won, I haven’t even defended the title yet. So, I look at Bobby Fish and Roddy, I am happy for them, that was the inevitable next step for those guys and I don’t think that’s the case for me just yet. First of all, I have about a year left with ROH guaranteed so to start thinking past that would be unfair to the company that I work for and to the effort I put in.”

Being Frustrated After Becoming ROH Champion:

“I always feel like I should be doing something more. I win the Championship in December, it felt great but it’s also been frustrating that I had this amazing moment and now I want to start doing more I want to try to build ROH but I am not working, we had almost a month-long break. I got to go on vacation, it should be relaxing but I am thinking in my head I need to do something.” 

Thoughts On ‘All In’ Show:

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“I think it’s the Elite guys, all of them, it’s another step of these guys who built this name without the help of a major company is taking wrestling to a different limit where now they can fill an arena just using their names. They have the drawing power and I think it will motivate people to do a lot bigger thing.”