Damien Sandow Talks AEW, Getting Over in WWE


Former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow recently spoke to Chris Van Vilet about a wide variety of topics. One of those topics was All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion founded by The Young Bucks and Sandow’s former tag team partner, Cody Rhodes.

AEW is off to a great start as the company sold out its Double or Nothing event in less than four minutes. Of course AEW continues to sign stars to its first-ever talent roster, with more names being announced every week. So would Sandow ever consider joining AEW?

“I have a pretty busy summer coming up. I don’t know where I would fit time in. The thing is, I haven’t been in a ring in almost two years. Do I like to think I could get in there and be just like I was? Yes. Not to sound braggadocios, could I probably do that, if I was in front of the live crowd? Yes. At practice? No. I’m just one of those people, I need to be there live, doing it. I would want to be at my best.”

Sandow, real name Aron Haddad, definitely seems to be leaving the door open for a run with All Elite Wrestling. Sandow is currently pursuing an acting career in California and his last pro wrestling match was in Impact Wrestling in 2017. But many WWE fans remember him for being a great character and making the most of a rough situation, which saw him unsuccessfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against John Cena..

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Sandow commented on getting over the fans despite WWE not elevating him to the main event level. How was he able to do it?

“Being in tune with the paying customer. Vince signed my paycheck, but I worked for the people. Bottom line. A lot of guys, they would go up to him after every match or try to see him every week and I was never one of those guys. I respected him, the man was a busy man. My job was to go out there and entertain the people.”

Damien Sandow remains one of the most popular Superstars to never fully realize his potential in Vince McMahon’s company. His work alongside The Miz in particular is fondly remembered as some of the most entertaining moments in WWE during Sandow’s run in 2014.