Dana White Close To Securing Private Island For International UFC Fights


Dana White spoke with TMZ Sports earlier this week, and not only did the UFC President double-down on his promise that the upcoming UFC 249 pay-per-view will take place, but he dropped a bombshell of breaking MMA news.

White has come under a ton of fire in recent weeks for his insistence on pushing forward with UFC 249 despite most sports organizations completely shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been working on this since the world fell apart. Every day when we would work on something, we’d wake up the next day and the world would change. This is definitely been the hardest thing that I’ve ever tried to do – ever.”

White confirmed that the undisclosed location that will play host to UFC 249 has actually been locked down for two months, so the company plans to “pump out fights every week”.

That’s not even the major news coming out of White’s interview with TMZ. Apparently, he is just “a day or two away” from securing his very own private island to run fights until the COVID-19 pandemic blows over.

Due to strict restrictions on international travel, specifically with people coming into the U.S., White has been unable to book international talent for upcoming fights. He noted that they’ll have their own private planes to fly in fighters from all over the world – and obviously there would be no fans in attendance.

UFC 249 airs on April 18th on ESPN+.