Daniel Bryan Burglary Story To Be Turned Into An Angle?


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Take this for what it’s worth but there has been some talk that WWE is going to turn the Daniel Bryan burglary incident into an angle. As we reported last Friday, Daniel and his wife Brie Bella were returning home after Brie picked Bryan up from the airport following his Comic-Con appearance and meeting with WWE’s doctor. When they pulled into their driveway, they found the door to their home open and two burglars attempting to flee the scene. Daniel chased after one of them and held him in a rear naked chokehold until police arrived and arrested the guy. The other suspect managed to escape and has not been found as of this writing.

Someone on WWE’s creative team recently made the suggestion that they should turn the story into an angle where Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are revealed as the people behind the robbery. Basically, they sent the two guys to Bryan’s house to rob him. Seriously.

We’ll see if this actually takes place or not.

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