Daniel Bryan Comments on Past Incident that Got Him Fired from WWE


Daniel Bryan mentioned during an interview with SLAM Wrestling that back in 2010 he was fired from the WWE for spitting in John Cena’s face when the Nexus attacked Cena on Raw.

“One of the reasons that I got fired in 2010 was for spitting in John’s face; it was two things that got me fired — it was choking Justin Roberts with a tie and spitting in Cena’s face right before I kicked him in the head,” Bryan said. “It was those two things.”

This isn’t part of the storyline to build for Bryan’s SummerSlam match, as Bryan mentioned in a blog entry shortly after his departure that spitting in Cena’s face was part of the reason he was let go.

“WWE is very serious about adhering to their PG guidelines, and apparently my actions during the NXT attack on John Cena, namely choking announcer Justin Roberts with his tie and spitting in Cena’s face, crossed the boundaries of what is considered ‘PG.’ Perhaps the choking was too violent or perhaps the spit was too demeaning. I apologized for both immediately following the incident; but I would be a hypocrite if I apologized for putting everything I have into the attack. I would much rather have gone too far than to come up too short.”

Several days after Bryan was release, Cena was asked about it during an appearance on Busted Open Radio.

“It stands where it is,” Cena said. “I believe Bryan was given his release, and this is just my belief, it’s complete speculation so basically you’re going off my secondhand knowledge, it’s something to do with violating our PG content agreement which is very serious… It was tough for us to get that [TV-PG] logo in the beginning. For us to violate that content agreement, we get in trouble with our TV providers, we get in trouble with our sponsors, it pretty much is not good business. I think that is the reason upon the Bryan Danielson release but on the same token, for a young man such as him to make an impact on the WWE Universe in that short a time, it says something about who he is as a person and where he belongs amongst our group.”

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  1. “PG” rating for a “wrestling” event. This is the reason I no longer watch wrestling. An “ECW” wrestling group would be an attraction right about now.

    • Eh… yeah, maybe. I really think the only competition Vince has is with real contact sports or an R-rating vigilant wrestling organization, but there is no such thing in existence that provides really both of those major characteristics.

  2. That is bulls***. It had to do with Linda McMahon’s senate run. You can’t tell me that The Rock calling Vickie Guerrero a slut and saying John Cena has a vagina is PG. It also has to do with the fact that Daniel Bryan wasn’t as big then. If he were as popular then as he is now he would have received an undisclosed fine, as both Triple H and The Undertaker did for exchanging head shots with chairs at Wrestlemania a several years ago.

    • Shut the f*** up. Another smart that thinks they know it all… look, the PG violation had everything to do with the firing, not Linda’s senate run. Why do people scream bulls*** so easily about things they know nothing about? You’re an asshole.

      • “Shut the f*** up?” Nice comeback. Do you think that PG ratings had anything to do with Linda’s senate run. Maybe instead of relying on name calling you can find some facts to back up your comments.

        • Dude, can you not f***ing read? You refuted the post off the bat with your original “bulls***” response to Daniel Bryan’s reasoning (and Cena’s) as to his dismissal with all this garbage about Linda’s senate run. Gimme a break! It’s not name-calling, either. It’s emphasis.

          • I am saying that the PG only had to do with Linda’s senate run. If you remember her opponents used WWE footage against her and WWE took down attitude era footage during the run. My point is that PG was the guise to make Linda a more palatable candidate.

          • Absolutely not. PG was a marketing strategy to make the product geared more towards a wider variety of audience, to include a market for child-friendly viewing.

          • The PG era started in 2008 and Linda McMahon announced her senate run in 2009. Do you think she had planned the Senate run before 2009 and her team considered WWE’s reputation as part of the run? As well, WWE’s stock has lost 50% of the value in the time of the PG era.

          • Dude, what’s this, an interview? I’m sure she had some consideration for WWE’s reputation; however, the organization has always been viewed in controversy regardless what rating market they tried to fit in.

          • Dude, this isn’t an interview, it is a back-and-forth response to a topic. I guess this is a little different than your normal posts in which you call people names instead of using facts to make cogent arguments.

          • Congratulations, finishing an “argument” the same way you started it: with “f***” and no real substance.

          • Actually the evidence they used for the McMahon senate campaign was from the attitude era. Pretty sure PG happened before that, they just tightened there belt.

          • Don’t bother responding to him, he’s a little troll sitting in his moms basement to scared to go out and have a life.


  3. I don’t buy that Daniel Bryan was fired for beating up Justin Roberts and spitting on John Cena’s face. S***, that’s what heel wrestlers are suppose to do to draw heat on themselves. I believe they used this as an excuse to ax him because they didn’t like him and didn’t see anything in him. Vince has always preferred big pumped up muscle men. Wade Barrett was getting a nice push at the time, and Daniel Bryan was given the shaft. It wasn’t til the fans let it be known that they wanted Daniel Bryan that the WWE reluctantly brought him back. That was definitely the right move, for he shouldn’t have been fired in the first place. The WWE almost blew it with this guy.

    • Ralphie, you got it all wrong. That’s speculation, and a very poor one at that. Daniel Bryan has ALWAYS been well-liked in the WWE.

    • Actually choking was banned because they thought it was to controversial because of the Beniot family situation. Spitting on the other hand seems odd because i’m pretty sure I remember that happening not long ago..idk I have no evidenced to back that one up though.

      • I don’t think it was so much the choking itself as it was that he used the tie to do it. In the early days of the PG era they tried to use objects that wouldn’t normally be found around the home (eg. folding chairs, kendo sticks, etc) in the hopes kids wouldn’t be able to re-create such acts at home or school. Last time I checked, a lot of dads have ties and there are some really dumb kids out there that would try to use one while playing.

        • I was looking for info based on it but found nothing. Idk, maybe you are right, but I just thought I remembered something with Chris Beniot’s fauimly death being related to the banning of choking

          • Oh it probably did factor into it and probably only certain guys were allowed to choke because of their characters. All I know is the Benoit thing turned wrestling on its head.

          • Actually if you watch the vintage collection they have censored out all the choking in wrestling matches that involved objects. I’m positive that object (wire, ties, etc.) choking is banned completely.

  4. Idolizer, from all your comments, it seems like you would beleive anything that Vince McMahon & the WWE put on TV. Bryan was fired because at the time Linda was running for state and Bryan yes crossed the line a bit. He choked Roberts which was banned and they didnt want Linda to look bad because she was always WWE. Not to mention he spit in Cena’s face. If it was anyone else’s face it would have been cool but it was WWE’s PG poster boy John Cena

  5. Let’s not also forget they were still on the heels of the Benoit murder suicide, few years removed, so with that being in the news still, Linda and politics, Cena/make a wish/kids/MOMS…All stated points are valid in some form or context….just agree to disagree..Does it really matter what the reason was if Danielson just stated the main 2 reasons??

  6. Honestly…they should go back to the old RAW is WAR format…whereas the latter part of the show was more “mature” in content…IMO

  7. Call me crazy, but I think its a brilliant idea to make Bryan one of the top guys, not only because of his wrestling ability. But his personality is so down to earth, and he is very humble about his talent and it shows through even in his WWE character, when he smiles after giving a promo, to the Yes chants, its beautiful to watch. Also, he’s a great role model. Kids will watch him and realize that no matter what your size you can do anything. And here’s the crazy part, but he might actually end up having kids eat healthier. They’ll see that this is a normal guy and he is a vegan. He makes Vegans look cool. So kids will eat healthier the more and more exposed Bryan becomes to the public. The reality show doesn’t hurt his stock either.

  8. Hey Idolizer, I will admit that maybe I was wrong about my views on what happened with Daniel Bryan, but who the hell are you to judge me? Unlike you, I don’t come on here and call people names like a 13 year old punk and put down people with different views. And I also don’t live in my mothers basement. I respect everyone’s views, and I do believe the gentleman that said that Daniel Bryan was fired because Linda McMahon was running for office at the time. Allen’s right, you need to grow up and be more respectful to people and stop acting like your words are the only ones that count.


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