Daniel Bryan on Getting Along with John Cena, Calls Josh Reddick a Coward

Daniel Bryan commented to NBC Sports Radio on whether or not he and John Cena got along when they all hung out with their girlfriends, Brie and Nikki Bella.

“Sometimes, but we also have very different opinions on life,” Bryan said. “It’s interesting because the closer you get to somebody, the more that you know how different you are, and we’re very different people.”

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, he recently called a Josh Reddick coward for shaving off his beard during their “Beard Off” contest. “How dare he,” Bryan said, via CSN Bay Area. “What a coward. Josh Reddick, you are a coward. What kind of man shaves his beard in the middle of a beard-off?”

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  • they sometimes get along? lol that’s going to be a problem during family reunions and such….amazing how Bryan found someone in Brie that is tolerant of his lifestyle, him being unable to eat meat, not watch tv and hates the city, when she loves the city..interesting compromise that marriage will be…but him and Cena love wrestling, so I guess all of them can co exist…they have so far.

    • Idolizer

      Uhh… yeah, brilliant post… unnecessary, but brilliant nonetheless. Look, why is it that so many responders to these articles just feed the need to overstate such obvious facts? I really don’t get it…

  • Chewbucky

    I wonder if Cena is hated back stage because he has a bad attitude. I remember an interview that Michael Tarver once did stating that John laughed at him after breaking his arm with a chair shot. Kenny Dykstra also said Cena broke him and Mackie James up after he slept with her behind his back. Plus, Tyler Reks also claimed Cena would get him fired if he continued to use the burning hammer (which is similar to the AA). Keep in mind all these claims came from tweets on twitter and not some trouble making reporter. He must rub people the wrong way sometimes, ego can be a blind defect of character.

    • Idolizer

      Right, and we all know just how reliable those almighty Twit-twat tweets are in the grand scheme of things, right? Good Lord, we know Kenny Dykstra tried to make a name for himself by attacking Cena during the time of his divorce… Tarver was just a p****, he was another example of the WWE’s Sour Grapes Losers Committee… and Tyler Reks…wtf… But hey, if it’s on Twitter, it MUST be testament, right? What a dumbass…

      • Chewbucky

        Dude, stfu, if you don’t believe anything that is reported on here by anyone then push the x at the top of you screen.