Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton Fined By WWE For Chair Shot Exchange On Monday’s Raw


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  1. i think both wrestlers should appeal against the fines because if they had known smacking each other with the steal chair they may not have done it but if someone authorised it thats not fair but both wrestlers should have found when hhh and taker where both fined after 2 hell in the cell match using steal chair

    • That rules been in place for a few years now after the whole concussion prevention laws have come into play. Undertaker and HHH both got fined for their actions too.

  2. It’s about time to see some safety mesasures enforced in the WWE. Theses people batter each other as a living and one of the most dangerous things to do is smash a head. Look at dolph Zigler he’s having problems already.

    • keep talking like that and everyone shows gonna be like saturday night slam so head moves at all…… ziggler never got hurt from a chair, most wrestling get concussions other ways the only way you get one from a chair shot is if you f*** up the sell. and really that could happen with any move.

      • First of all cut the nasty language. Dolph zigler got kicked in the head by jack swagger and is already having memory black outs from the blows that he has gotten before. I ‘ve watched wrestling for 50 years and know how it works. So don’t spoon feed me juninor

  3. lol this is stupid there were concussions long before chairshots.. infact most concussions in wrestling are not caused by chairshots. i remember a time when austin could crack a chair over a chicks head lol . i say if the men are willing to risk it and ask the boss first it should be aloud. im sure orton and daniel were fine with it,i know there both very tough aggressive dudes.


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