Daniel Bryan Responds to Claims That He’s Not on Miz’s Level Right Now, Praises Top RAW & Smackdown Stars


Earlier this month, The Miz sat down with Sports Illustrated and claimed that his long-time rival and former General Manager Daniel Bryan “doesn’t deserve to be in the ring” with him, since stepping away for nearly three years.

As it turns out, the must-see superstar may have a point. At least that’s what Bryan himself told Sports Bible this week during the ongoing WWE European tour.

“If you were to look at Miz’s matches since I’ve come back, he’s got a point. His match with [Seth] Rollins at Backlash, that was by far the best match on the pay-per-view. When I lost to Rusev, he wrestled Jeff Hardy – which was a fantastic match. The knock on Miz for years was that he was a great talker but so-so in the ring.”

To be fair, Bryan hasn’t exactly been mixing it up with the greatest in-ring talents in the world since making his shocking return from what was believed to be a career-ending injury. He scored a victory over Big Cass at WWE Backlash and will likely go for round two at Money in the Bank, but a short match against WWE Champion AJ Styles on a recent episode of Smackdown Live showed that the leader of the Yes Movement can still kick ass better than most.

“On the independents when I was with Ring of Honor, people thought I was the best wrestler in the world – fans would chant it and I think the fans would believe it because they want to believe that their guy is better than the WWE guys. But never once have I considered myself the best – I look at AJ Styles and I look at Rollins right now. I say these matches with Miz were great but Rollins is in those matches – and I don’t know what is different but now he’s clicking on every level.”

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