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Daniel Bryan Reveals His Favorite Title Reign In WWE



Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has recently reflected on his WWE career and revealed which of his title reigns were his favorites.

Bryan has had a tremendous career filled with title reigns and top moments, but when it comes to all of his championship runs, it is his work as the ‘Planets Champion’ with his hemp title that was his favorite, as he told SoloWrestling.

“Being the Planet Champion was by far my favorite,” said Bryan. “It’s interesting because in WWE my reigns have never been very good [laughs].

“I won the championship at WrestleMania XXX but had to vacate it some time later due to a neck injury, and I also won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011 but lost it in 18 seconds at WrestleMania XXVIII. Those reigns didn’t feel as special as when I was Planet Champion and bad boy.”

That title reign came to an end at WrestleMania 35 against Kofi Kingston, admitting that it was the best way for the title run to end.

“I loved the way it started, and everyone who competes hates to lose a championship, but if we’re going to lose it, let it be in a great match at WrestleMania against someone who really deserves it, and that’s what happened when I lost that one against Kofi Kingston. I had a lot of fun with that reign and I loved the hemp championship.”

Bryan then went on to clarify his comments about becoming a part-time talent, making it clear that even though he’s not going to be a full-time star, he wants to wrestle into his 50s and 60s.

“I’m still a full-time wrestler today but I don’t think I’ll be a full-time wrestler for much longer, but it’s weird because I’ve never considered the option of retirement,” said Bryan.

“I want to fight until I’m old, and I mean very old. I love wrestling and have always been inspired by people like Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk, and even European wrestlers like Jonny Saint, who was fighting in his 60s and 70s, and not because they needed the money, they did it because they loved to do it. ”

He continued to speak about that desire, admitting that he will obviously have to change his style in order to make that happen.

“And obviously as you get older your style has to change, because when I’m 50 I won’t be able to fight like I do now, and right now I can’t fight like I did when I was 25.”

He continued, “You have to adapt and evolve. I still have a passion. very profound about this and I enjoy it very much, it is very difficult for me to accept the idea that I will not be able to do this again. Why ?! Why ?! Even if it is fighting in a veterans hall before 75 people, I would just do it for fun. It’s something I really like, so the idea of a full-time retirement is very boring for me.”  (H/T to for the transcriptions)


Mickie James Doesn’t See Herself As A Legend & Doesn’t Plan On Retiring



Mickie James

Mickie James spoke about being branded a wrestling legend as she discussed her future within the industry.

James was interviewed by The Travel Wins podcast where she spoke about being part of WWE Raw Legends Night earlier in the year, branded as one of the legends. She admitted that she doesn’t see herself as that, but it’s a huge honor for her.

“Well, I was just announced to come back for — and it’s so weird to say, to come back for the legends show in January, the first episode in January of Monday Night Raw so next week. But, it’s weird to say that out loud, like the legends show. I’m like, ‘Am I a legend? I don’t know.’ It’s funny because some of the co-workers and younger girls will say that in joking and I’ve said it in jest of like, ‘Oh yeah, legend Mickie James, ha, ha, ha’ but never not real life like where I thought of myself — I don’t think of myself as a legend, because when I think ‘legend’, I think of the people that I look up to who I think of as legends. So it’s just weird. It’s a weird space where I’m like, ‘Oh, wait, they’re serious. You’re serious? Okay, I’m a legend.’ It’s amazing and I’m grateful and it’s a huge honor but at the same time it’s weird to say. To even speak it out loud I’m like, ‘Oh, so strange.’”

She then went on to talk about how long she plans on staying in the industry, where James claimed she’s never going to retire.

“Well it’s just like I don’t think I’ll ever retire from the wrestling business because I love it so much, I will always be a contributor in some capacity, somewhere because I just love it and I’m passionate about it and I’m good at it. I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to cultivating this craft and to being the best, the best that I could be so I don’t think once it’s in your blood like that, it’s like uh… I don’t know that we’re really ever — we might be retired from professionally going out there and doing that physical sport but as far it being a part of our lives in some capacity, I think if you have a love and passion for something, you’ll never stop doing it to some level. Even if it’s like coaching the local kids team. Like you’ll still find yourself dabbling in it somehow because you love it too much. You can’t not.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions)

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Josh Barnett Reveals If He Would Work For WWE



Josh Barnett recently discussed whether or not he would accept a contract offer if WWE provided one to him.

Barnett spoke with Rick Bassman on the ‘Talking Tough’ show, and he said he was open to the idea of working with WWE, as long as he could continue Bloodsport on the side.

“Sure, let’s talk terms and as long as I get to keep doing Bloodsport on the side, we’re good. I have a relationship with Paul [Levesque] as it is because I’ve just got, as they say in the business, ‘my boys’ over in WWE so I talk to him, I talk to [William] Regal, I talk to those guys when needed. I trained Shayna Baszler from the ground up as a professional wrestler, and I manage her so I got her in the WWE. Both Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir are over there and then guys like Timothy Thatcher who I’ve worked with a lot, he’s also now in the WWE and there’s a few other folks who I’ve just had time a little bit with on the mat who I’ve worked with but they’re not maybe exactly my boys but I keep an eye on ‘em just to make sure they’re doing well and I’d love to steal even a few — I’d love to steal a bunch of ‘em actually to use for Bloodsport. I mean Bobby Lashley, come on. That guy, not only is he one of my boys, but the fact that he’s champion now only makes absolute complete sense to me because he is one of the best guys in that company and he’s tougher than sh*t in real life, he’s a solid fighter in real life, he’s great. I cornered him as he’s winning belts so it’s great to see him holding the belt in that WWE ring like he should.”

During the interview, Barnett spoke specifically about Jessamyn Duke and he believes that she has plenty of talent ad she could carve out a real opportunity for herself.

“I mean, it’s really just up to her [if she wants to make it to the top of WWE]. She had her elbows fixed essentially so, years of training and fighting, debris and stuff like that in the elbow joints which that’s pretty common. So it wasn’t a very complicated surgery but they went in there and cleaned some stuff up and honestly, I think Jessamyn, even MMA to pro wrestling is one of those people of untapped potential and so I know and yeah, I’m bias, but I’ve seen not just under my eye in the gym but even in some moments out there of what I caught of her in NXT and doing stuff around that. She has some — this latent energy just waiting to get out and so it’s also a matter of what does she want to do with it and people need to understand that you can be really talented at something and also decide that that’s — I don’t wanna go down that path to that degree because it doesn’t — it’s not as fulfilling as I hoped it to be, even though the talent is there, so whether you choose to go that way or not, just be true to yourself so, she just needs to figure out how to allow that to happen and it’s not easy in an environment like the WWE because there’s a lot of cooks in kitchen all the time and it can be tough to know where you can have that freedom to do what you need to do, and I think that if she really wants to rise to the upper echelon, she could do that for sure. She’s got a great look and she has tons of talent that she could put on a display and as a person, she’s a very lovely, caring, a very goofy individual who has a great heart.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions)

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WWE Reportedly Consider A Two-Day NXT Takeover For WrestleMania 37 Weekend



According to a report, WWE is currently considering the idea of having a two-day WWE NXT Takeover event for the first time in history.

It has already been confirmed that WWE WrestleMania 37 will be a two-night event once again this year, but now the black and gold brand could be following suit.

It is currently expected that the next WWE NXT Takeover show will be on 4/8, which is the Thursday before WWE WrestleMania 37, which has been confirmed by

However, according to the report, there is talk of that show being a two-night event, with the first part airing on WWE NXT TV on the USA Network the day prior, on Wednesday 4/7, with the second part taking place the next night on the WWE Network.

We must stress, this is not confirmed and is currently just something that is being discussed, and between now and then the plan could change, or not happen at all.


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