Daniel Bryan Says He Has Three Years Left On His WWE Contract


Credit: Eric McHugh and Pwinsider.com

Daniel Bryan was on the Boomer and Carton this morning, discussing his book, his house being robbed, how much time is left on his WWE contract and more. Here are the highlights…

“I was driving to the market and I happened to catch that Daniel Bryan stopped by the Boomer and Carton show on WFAN-AM this morning promoting his book signing tonight. I joined the interview in progress but it sounded like it had only started a minute or two prior. They talked a bit about his injury status and Bryan said it was just a matter of getting medically cleared. He said he has 3 years left on his WWE contract. Craig Carton said Bryan seems small to be World Heavyweight Champion, and Bryan replied that’s why the book is titled as an unlikely journey. They talked about when Bryan chased down burglars at their house. It was a random smash-and-grab robbery and all they stole was a watch given to him by his late father, and they dropped it when they fled. Brie was concerned they would steal their bulldog, as that breed is apparently stolen quite a bit. Bryan caught the duo and pretty much rear naked choked him into submission. Bryan also stated if he wasn’t a pro wrestler, he’d no doubt work somehow within the field of ecology and environmentalism. It was a great segment, everyone came off well. The Boomer and Carton show can be seen replayed on the CBS Sports Network later today, so I’d expect the interview (which lasted at least 15 minutes) would be shown there.”

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