Daniel Bryan Says He Wants To Test Himself Against The Best Performers


Daniel Bryan appeared on Talking Smack this week and discussed his return to in-ring action and what he is hoping to achieve.

Bryan made his first appearance inside the WWE ThunderDome this week after spending some time away from wrestling following the birth of his son. He was involved in a segment with Seth Rollins, who was debuting on the blue brand following the WWE Draft.

On Talking Smack, Bryan admitted he is out to compete against the best, but he did confess that he has a lesser spring in his step nowadays.

“I am at a point now, in my life and career, where I want to test myself against the best performers in WWE,” said Bryan. “Whether that’s against people I haven’t faced yet, and even people I have faced, since we’ve all evolved.

“I noticeably have lesser spring in my step as the match goes on, something I realized during my match against AJ Styles,” added Bryan.

Bryan admitted he saw the difference because he can’t jump as high anymore, admitting that AJ Styles still can, which he doesn’t think is fair.

“I never had a problem with endurance before. [Although] I still don’t get tired but later in a match, I can’t jump as high anymore, and AJ still can. And its funny because he’s older than me. How is this fair? I train my butt off,” joked Bryan.

Despite the lack of jumping ability, Bryan reflected on how he is going to change up his style in order to combat the changes in his physical approach.

“As we evolve, I look at wrestling a bit differently. This is my martial art with a focus on the artistic side. This is a test of myself. When I go out there for an interview or match, its a test of me, and my opponents are giving me examples on what I need to work on as a human, an athlete, and a wrestler,” he said. (H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.)