Darby Allin Discusses His Match With Cody Rhodes, His Plans For ALL OUT & Wanting To Face Moxley


Darby Allin recently spoke with Inside The Ropes ahead of tonight’s AEW ALL OUT event, where he reflected on his match with Cody Rhodes and more.

Allin spoke about facing Cody Rhodes and how important that match was to him for showcasing his abilities to the world:

“I went into the match with a lot to prove because I felt that up until that point my career was living under a rock, because Evolve, nobody gives a damn so I would sacrifice my body for years doing insane stuff and I don’t feel like it ever saw the light of day. I felt I had a lot to prove, it was do or die. It was everything I wanted and it set the tone for who Darby is and what I am willing to do.”

Allin also spoke about his ALL OUT match and what he is planning for it:

“This match is going to be insane, thinking about it I get worried about how I am going to feel. The other matches I wanted to prove to people I can wrestle, but this match is going to be something. There is a lot in my mind going into it that won’t be able to make TV.”

The AEW star also discussed the fact that the company has put a lot of trust in him so far, which he appreciates, adding that he thinks there is things left on the table between him and Cody:

“Getting put on that platform is a lot of trust and they respected me enough to do that, I laid it all on the line and it was a good feeling, but I think there is a lot left on the table.”

Finally, Darby Allin said he would like to clash with Jon Moxley down the line:

“Absolutely, that’s the beauty of this a lot of what we have done as independent wrestlers has only been ground level so now I feel like we can show the world and guys like me and Moxley would be a good choice.”

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