Darren Young News: Deeply In Love With Live-In Boyfriend Of 2 Years

Darren Young made global headlines this week when he revealed himself to be the first openly gay WWE Superstar.

According to TMZ.com, Young told WWE that he is “deeply in love” with his boyfriend of 2 years, a man named Nick.

The two currently live together in now in Florida – and Young reportedly told WWE that Nick was actually the driving force in his decision to come out.

Since coming out, Darren Young has received tremendous support from the WWE Universe – and even got support from basketball player Jason Collins, who “came out” earlier this year and became the first openly gay NBA player.

Check out this photo of Darren Young & his boyfriend of 2 years, Nick (click to enlarge):


  • Trey

    Daren young is the black John Cena 🙂

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    I think he came out for 1 reason and 1 reason only. WWE pretty much can’t fire him now

    • Mr. Baker

      Yup….He’s the gay Brooklyn Brawler now….

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        Not really, they just kept Brawler around for laughs

        • Mr. Baker

          I meant it as in he’s a wwe “lifer” now…unless somebody black balls him during a match ( hahaha “black balls / Darren Young ” ) I hope his career turns for the better…somehow I see a PTP breakup coming…

          • Matthew DeAngelo

            He’ll be like Val Venis, around for 20,000 years then disappear

  • Jay

    His boyfriend looks a little bit like Arod lol

    • Mr. Baker

      oh S*** !! he does at 1st glance