Dasha Fuentes Reveals The Events That Led To Her Being Released By WWE


Former WWE broadcaster, Dasha Fuentes recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet where she provided more information on her WWE release. Below are some highlights with a H/T to Fightful.com for the transcriptions.

“They called me on a Tuesday and I was told ‘After the events that occurred on Monday Night Raw, we are taking you off TV and you’re not going to WrestleMania’. I literally went back and I watched the interview and there a tiny little blip that happened but it was live, it was with Roman and I figured it was a pretty good interview and I could see the growth and consistency that was happening from week to week. So I was like ‘Series of events?’ and I was just taken aback.]

On thinking she was going back to WWE NXT:

“I was told I’d get a call the next week and told what was going on. Well, the following Monday after WrestleMania I got a call that lasted literally like a minute and a half and they said ‘We’re letting you go’ and I was like ‘Well, thanks for five years and that’s it.”