Davey Boy Smith Jr On Owen Hart Ever Being Inducted into WWE HOF, Jake Roberts Encounter, HBK & Bret Hart Heat


NJPW star Davey Boy Smith, Jr was the special guest on the most recent episode of “X-Pac 12360” and you can watch the entire show in the video player above or download it at this link. Below are some interview highlights and quotes from Smith:

On Owen Hart ever being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I wish Owen could get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. The only way I could see it happening… is like Martha {Hart} her deal is that she doesn’t want WWE to make a profit off of it. I can’t speak for Martha, but if WWE were to say ‘Okay we’re gonna induct Owen Hart into the Hall of Fame and earnings or whatever profits we make will be donated to the Owen Hart foundation,’ I think she might be more willing to do something like that. But even then I don’t think she’s gonna let that happen. I understand where she’s coming from, she was Owen’s wife, that’s fair, I can’t really argue that. I do think it would be great for him to be inducted.”

On real heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart:

“Growing up I loved Shawn Michaels, yourself {Sean Waltman}, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and everybody. It always seemed to me that Bret always had more of an issue with the Kliq than Davey {Boy Smith} did. Depending on what kind of relationship Davey was having with Bret at the time if they were getting along, not getting along… One day you’d talked to Davey and him and Bret were cool and the next time he’d be taking Shawn’s side on things. Kinda like the weather. For me growing up it was interesting, it was always intense. You always know that between Bret and Shawn there was always real heat. And that’s something that is kinda missing from nowadays cause not many people have real heat like that.  But they were always professional. Sometimes these make the best matches.”

On the success of NJPW:

“New Japan has always been the #1 company over there for years. Back in the 80s I think at one point when the Funks were in All Japan, I think All Japan was #1 so it’s always like they’re gonna be #1, they’re always gonna bounce back and be #1. Like I know WWE & WCW  when they had their feud and they were losing for quite a while and then they bounced back up… so they {NJPW} have that ability to bounce back up. It’s always been the #1 company in Japan and same thing with WWE even though they go through ups and downs. One thing they’ve been able to do is that they’ve been able to expand internationally, nowadays they’re doing stuff with Ring of Honor… They were having some hard hitting really awesome matches, I’m not saying Noah and All Japan aren’t. It’s the Strong Style, they’ve been able to roll with momentum. They’ve been smart with things. They know how to market themselves internationally, I think that’s the main thing. And I think they’ll always be #1 probably through all the ups and downs.”

On the Jake Roberts encounter earlier this year:

“We’re all fine. That whole thing was just so stupid. I don’t have any problems with him {Jake Roberts}. I called him, I wanted to bury the heat anyway. My issue is with the jabroni wannabe bulls*** websites that make a fender out of a fart. They tell lies and blow things out of proportion… it’s all good now. But I don’t feel bad about it because I was standing up for my family and I told him a couple of times through Twitter or through friends to please stop bad mouthing Davey{Boy Smith} in his interviews like talk about something else. Or if you had a problem with him why didn’t you talk to him back in 97’.”

On Shayna Baszler, Natalya and the upcoming WWE Evolution PPV:

“You know her {Natalya} and Ronda Rousey doing something would be good. Shayna Baszler, she’s really awesome. I went and trained with her, we used to wrestle together… she’s awesome, she became a natural/pro at it because of her MMA background. But also the thing that’s good about her too is that she likes Pro Wrestling.”