Davey Richards Provides An Update On His Broken Leg Injury

UPDATE x 3: Davey Richards posted the following to Twitter after breaking his leg over the weekend at a TNA house show:

UPDATE x 2: TNA is currently taking a “wait and see” approach to the tag title situation after Davey Richards broke his leg. They are in no hurry to make a decision because they have enough television taped to last until September 25. If Richards will be out of action more than a month or two, they will strip the Wolves of the belts.

Right now, they are planning to keep the titles on the team. It all depends on how long of a recovery Richards will need.

UPDATE: As previously reported, Davey Richards suffered a broken tibia last night in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The spot happened when he went for a baseball slide to the outside of the ring and his foot was caught in the mat. It’s the same kind of freak accident that led to Rob Van Dam’s broken ankle in ECW in 1999.

Richards wrote on Twitter: “Thanks so much to everyone for the best wishes- truly amazing. I’ll be ok- could always be worse!! I can’t help but be thankful for the injury. It truly shows the greatness of the fans and the place I work for. Human compassion is amazing.”

TNA has already taped television for the next several weeks so a title change is not immediately needed due to the injury.

ORIGINAL: Current TNA tag team champion, Davey Richards, reportedly broke his leg during a match between The Wolves vs. Devon and Mr. Anderson at last night’s TNA house show in Indiana, Pennsylvania. Richards was taken out of the match early due to his leg injury, and Abyss came in to replace him.

Richards was reportedly taken to the hospital, and he was diagnosed with a broken fibula. Later on in the match, EC3 took out Abyss, leaving Edwards by himself to win the match. Richards later posted the following message on his Twitter account:

BREAKING NEWS: Davey Richards Out 4-6 Months – The Wolves **WILL** Be Stripped Of The Titles (>>)!!!