Davey Richards Talks WWE Tryout, Says WWE Developmental Is Weird


– Newsday recently spoke with Davey Richards to promote the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view and he talked about the tryout that he and Eddie Edwards had with WWE. Richards said Triple H and the WWE developmental trainers were “perfectly nice” but the experience was not a fun one.

Richards said WWE talent director Canyon Cemen e-mailed them to relay a message from Triple H. Richards said, “Our work was good enough to be on TV, but he already had a lot of Daveys and Eddies.”

“That place is so weird, man. It gave me the creeps,” Richards said. “Everyone’s just walking around on egg shells. It’s just bubble.”

Richards said it was a blessing in disguise:

“Personally, I wanted to go to TNA anyway. I was trying to convince Eddie the entire time. After [WWE] told us they were not going ahead with the rest of the tryout, we had a deal signed with [TNA] within 20 minutes.”

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  1. The Wolves are a good tag team. TNA is the perfect place for them right now. In the future, I can see them working in the WWE because they always need new quality tag teams to replace the ones that have gotten old and stale.


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