David Arquette Gets Taken to Promo School on ‘WWE Backstage’, CM Punk & Others Grade His Attempt


Every Tuesday night a member of the WWE Backstage panel takes a random guest to Promo School, a segment where both competitors get the chance to cut the best wrestling promo possible.

This week’s guest was none other than the infamous David Arquette! The former WCW World Champion (and indie death match king) did his best to bring the smoke, up against WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, but the end result was… well, about as highly reviewed as Scream 3.

You can check out Arquette’s promo, which CM Punk appropriately rated an “F-“, as well as Booker T’s heated response in the video below. WWE Backstage airs every Tuesday night at 11:00 PM ET exclusively on FS1.