David Arquette Talks His Return To Professional Wrestling, Who Is Doing Great Heel Work In WWE, More


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, David Arquette recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss heel in the wrestling industry and more. Below are some highlights of the interview:

On if you can appreciate and hate a heel at the same time:

“It’s hard for me to say because Roddy Piper was one of my favorites in the world and I truly disliked him but I also appreciated how horrible he was. MJF is sort of doing it for me right now, he is just such a jerk but you can’t really like him. I love to hate a heel, it’s like Hannibal Lector.”

Who is doing great heel work in WWE:

“I think Samoa Joe did something cool where he called out his wife and drew some real reaction, I was in the audience and people were truly pissed at him. I think he’s a great heel working right now with how he constructs his character and digs into the emotion of people on a personal level.”

Why he is returning to wrestling:

“I am just trying to get some respect because I love this business. I wanted to understand the wrestling business more, the history of it and explore that. Why were people so pissed at me, what’s the big deal? I’ve been doing a documentary about it so that’s my angle on it, I am a filmmaker after all so I am trying to get more people into wrestling. I started to fall back into love with it through the LA scene here and it got me excited about it again.”

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