David Benoit on His Dad & WWE’s HOF, Training for a Career?, More


– In the interview above, David Benoit gives his first-ever interview with The Wrestling Gurus about WrestleMania XXX and various topics. Below are a few highlights:

* He believes his father Chris Benoit should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said we should focus more on the pros than the cons.

* He confirms he’s training for a pro wrestling career but would not want to go to TNA because everyone tells him it’s a bad place to work.

* He said WWE never gave his family the last paycheck his father earned.

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  1. Chris Benoit should be in the HOF. He should be inducted based on what he did in the ring and what he did for the business, not what the business did to him.. And in my opinion he did not commit the murders the way the police want you to think. It was a lazy investigation and no effort was put forward by the police. I think (my idea and not fact) that they should look more into the “wife”. I think she went psycho and killed the kid, Chris comes home and sees it and has to tie this crazy b**** up, and ended up killing her for killing his son. Then with nothing left to live for (murder trial and prison after your kids death) and killed himself.

    • I dont know all about that scenario, however I do know the investigation was sloppy.. and i agree that he should be inducted into the HOF for what he did in the business, not what happened outside of the business that was never even 100% proven.. i mean how many druggies are inducted? its kinda hypocritical.

      • But how many murderers are inducted? Jimmy Snuka is believed to be, but never convicted and Scott Hall killed a man, but it was in self defense.

    • Biggest red flag in the investigation that screams foul play all over it is the missing cell phone. How is it that the very phone used to make contact with the WWE and several co-workers was not found at the crime scene? He was using it just hours before he supposedly killed himself. Does it make any sense at all to dispose of your cell phone in such a way when you’re committing suicide? Not to mention how difficult it is to believe someone that was probably either highly intoxicated or drugged out in depression for a day or two even had the proper thought process to dispose of a phone.

  2. Its taken the WWE how many years to acknowledge his existence, and if it wasn’t for the WWE Network, they still might not be acknowledging him, and even then, you aren’t able to search for him, and you aren’t able to skip directly to his matches in the PPVs. It will be many years before he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, even if he gets inducted at all.


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