David Otunga Feuding with Rapper, Bray Wyatt Profiled

– Juicy Mag Online published an article about David Otunga taking a shot at rapper Wale’s new Bad remix. Otunga suggested that Rihanna overshadowed him on the track, writing on Twitter, “So @Wale adds @rihanna to the remix of. ‘Bad’ and she overshadows him in the song? #RappersLuckyKendrickMentionedThem.”

Wale later responded to Otunga, writing on Twitter, “Ur wife overshadowing ur career tho.”

– MaxPreps published an article about Bray Wyatt wrestling and playing football back in High School. The article mentions that Wyatt captured the Class 1A heavyweight (275 pounds and above) wrestling title at Hernando High School in Brooksville, FL in 2005 before earning a scholarship to play football for the College of Sequoias in California.

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  • allan

    hes got a point otunga should have expected that. his wife not only overshadows his career shes the whole reason he even ended up on t.v at all

    but hell david is a well educated man just cause hes ripped doesnt mean he needs to be a wrestler. hes better working with kids and office crap.

    • Josh Cervera

      That’s apples and oranges.. Jennifer Hudson is not a wrestler. That was just a cheap shot bc he was called out..

      “shes the whole reason he even ended up on t.v at all”

      Spot on there bud, he is also a lawyer so wrestling for him just having fun..he’s got it made if you ask me.