DCT Promises To Batter Joseph Conners, Ryback Overviews Protein, (Video), Chad Gable’s Recovery


Former WWE Superstar, Ryback, has posted a video on to his YouTube channel of him overviewing a protein product, offering his thoughts on the content.

Ryback has focused on health and protein since leaving WWE with his Feed Me More Nutrition being one of his biggest projects. You can see the video below.

DCT Promises To Batter Joseph Conners

Tonight see’s Insane Championship Wrestling return with its Square Go event and WWE UK competitor, Joseph Conners will be taking on DCT at the event. Things have begun to heat up on Twitter already ahead of the event with DCT promising to ‘batter’ Conners.

Chad Gable’s Recovery

Chad Gable posted an image of how he recovered this weekend, using a sauna and then an ice shower, keeping him as healthy as possible.

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