DDP Provides Scott Hall Update, AJ Diary Entry, Rosa & Vickie Note


– As noted earlier, AJ Lee will be posting a WrestleMania diary. Embedded in the video below is her first entry.

– Diamond Dallas Page provided an update on Scott Hall’s progress during an interview with ESPN.

“But with Scott, right now, he can’t do too much physical stuff,” Page said. “He can do some limited stretching and he can start eating right. When you get sober and you start eating really good food, your body starts healing itself, and it hurts a lot in the beginning. As you go through, you get better and your body starts healing. I think Scott is going to be in pretty good shape by the time he does his surgery.”

Also during the interview, Page talked more about Hall and discussed how DDP YOGA is different from other workouts, you can read the full interview here.

– Rosa Mendes and Vickie Guerrero visited patients at the Goryeb Children’s Hospital today in Morristown, NJ.

Hot New Close Up Photo of Rosa Mendes

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