DDP Speaks Out – DDP Yoga, Clubbing & Partying, Shark Tank


The Huffington Post posted a lengthy interview with Diamond Dallas Page about his DDP Yoga program. Below are some highlights.

DDP on being introduced to yoga: “Originally, when I was introduced to yoga, I kept resisting. I kept saying that I wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga. Years ago, there was absolutely no way. But that was my ignorance. I was very frustrated with it. Think about it, people are twisting themselves up like pretzels, right?”

DDP on how he mixed yoga positions and rehab techniques: “I started to mix the yoga positions and the rehab techniques. Then I added old-school calisthenics, the push-ups, squats and crunches. DDP YOGA became a kick-ass cardiovascular workout while strengthening your core with minimal joint impact. I put my own style on it, and it sits by itself.”

DDP on the experience of being on Shark Tank: “I loved being on there. I loved being able to show people what DDP YOGA is all about. It took five interviews to get there. They are real sticklers. … Here is how strong that show is. In six days we did one million dollars in sales. That’s insane. From the rebroadcast alone, we made $200,000 in sales.”

DDP on how he used to do a lot of clubbing and partying in his youth: “I did all of the shot specials. Yeah, the seventy-five cent Kamikazes. Man, I partied even at 35 when I got into wrestling, but way less. When I blew my back out at age 42, I said, ‘Okay, I’ve got to be more concerned about food and health.”

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