Dean Ambrose Comments on Being US Champion, Shield’s Goal & More

Inland Empire Weekly recently spoke with Dean Ambrose. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Being U.S. Champion: “That’s one of those things you don’t really realize how cool it is until you hold that belt in your hands for the first time and you hear the crowd. Now for me the biggest part of it is elevating the belt. I don’t believe a championship makes a wrestler and a wrestler makes a champion. I have to raise the profile even higher than the championship and make everybody want it because I have it. I want my performance to be at the highest level of anybody in the company. I want to make everybody step up to me. I’ll create my own challenges; I want to make sure the energy is pointing to me and the United States championship. I don’t want it to be a trinket.”

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns: “Those two guys are great to work with. I couldn’t ask for better partners. We travel together, we train together, we eat, sleep, breathe and wrestle, and we brainstorm to come up with ideas on how to be better wrestlers. We have kind of an ongoing, ever evolving process. We’re making it up as we go along and once we get a little crack, doors open full steam ahead. We have a rapport; we really try to set a standard. We’re gonna work everybody every single night, every single day. That’s what we do.”

The Shield’s goal: “The goal, for the SHIELD is to eventually take over the circuit. Once we climb to the top of the mountain than, yeah, ideally we will be wrestling each other one day for a whole lot of money. That could definitely happen sometime in the future… I think we’ll have a hell of a long trip for justice to be served.”

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    The Shield has lost its appeal, Vinny Mac found a way to ruin a good thing once again, when Shield debuted and for several months, they were mysterious and answered to no one, they always had their own secret agenda but now it looks like they are serving as Vinny Mac, Triple H and Randy Orton’s personal servants, these days Vinny Mac has no idea how to use talent, he kills everything right as soon as it gets hot and can’t figure out that the Superman John Cena thing isn’t over with his audience above 8 years olds!