WATCH: The Shield Gives One Last Sit-Down Interview Ahead Of Final Match


Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins sat down with Michael Cole before their final match as a trio. That match will take place on The Shield’s Final Chapter, a WWE Network event, on April 21.

The Hounds of Justice will face Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin in a bout that will reportedly be the last for The Lunatic Fringe. During the past few months, the demise of Ambrose’s WWE career has taken many different twists.

Dean was supposedly just taking a break from WWE. That break would ultimately lead to his inevitable return, which would take place in the fall of 2019. But then the narrative switched to Dean potentially leaving WWE altogether and jumping ship to AEW.

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Now the word “retirement” is being mentioned. At this point, it’s impossible to know what will actually happen with The Shield’s wildcard. But for many fans, Dean’s departure continues to be a shock to the system. Despite how often the company talks about it and despite how many signs point to this being the end, it’s indeed a hard thing to accept.

Whether or not Dean Ambrose will return is unknown. At this point, the only one who really knows for sure is The Lunatic Fringe himself. The most unpredictable Superstar in WWE will likely always remain that way, no matter if he’s still working for the company or not.