Dean Ambrose WWE Return Update, Foley Does Toothless Interview, Will The Rock Run For President in 2020? (Videos)


Bill Apter of has released the above interview with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

“I requested an old school promo from Mick as the character Cactus Jack. He told me he can’t just turn that character on like a light switch on and off anymore. Here is that part and a lot more as we discuss wrestling, comedy, and much more! Taped June 9, 2018 at

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The Rock On If He Will Run For President in 2020

As noted, The Rock is making the media rounds this week to promote his new movie “Skyscraper”, and in the below interview with Variety, The People’s Champion reveals it’s unlikely he will run for President in 2020:

Dean Ambrose WWE Return Update

WrestleVotes is reporting the following regarding Dean Ambrose, who is in the process of recovering from surgery which took place back in December:

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