Details On The Drug That Jon Jones Reportedly Tested Positive For


On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Jon Jones had failed a drug test, which was administered just one day before his fight with Daniel Cormier at last month’s UFC 214. They also noted that Jones tested positive for an anabolic steroid called Turinabol, and during Tuesday’s breaking news edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why Jon Jones may have been using the drug.

“On this drug, just so you know what the deal is… This is a [weight]cutting drug essentially, and I believe that its detection time is six weeks, so it’s not like [Jones] took it 18 months ago and got unlucky. Detection times are not full-proof — it says six weeks, could it have been three months? Yes.

“This drug will build some muscle, but there’s so many drugs that would do better [at building muscle], and it’s really not worth the risk of this drug to build muscle compared to other drugs.

“So, what you would be using this drug for is when you’re cutting weight and you’re trying to not lose muscle as you cut weight, that would be the protocol of when you would use this drug. Bodybuilders will use it during contest time, not during the off-season. A weight class competitor would use this drug in, let’s say power lifting, or any sport where you have to make a weight division, and you don’t wanna be weak when you make the weight division. It keeps your strength up while you’re losing your size.”

Prior to UFC 214, Jones said that he’d never had an easier time cutting down to 205 pounds, which is noteworthy, because this drug may have been the culprit for Jones’ easy weight cut.