Details On Brock Lesnar Officially Retiring From UFC


– Brock Lesnar recently told UFC of his decision to officially retire from MMA.

Lesnar is still serving a one-year suspension for a positive drug test and will be eligible to return to the sport on July 15, 2017. By officially retiring, Lesnar is no longer subjected to drug testing (he has been removed from the USADA pool) and will not have to report his whereabouts to USADA officials.

Over the past few months, rumors had begun to swirl that Lesnar would turn his attentions back to pro wrestling, which does not subject him to the same drug testing requirements since he is considered a part-time performer whereas the WWE’s program only applies to full-time talent.

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Lesnar has also begun to take more wrestling dates, specifically on Raw, and ultimately he makes more money in WWE over the course of a year than he would have in UFC.

However, Lesnar is not expected to significantly pick up his WWE non-televised live event participation.