Did Axel Defeat HHH?, HOF Speculation, Cena and Others Grant Wishes

– John Cena, Randy Orton and Kane recently granted wishes. Below is John Cena with 73 year old Janet from Hospice Dreams, Kane with 12 year old Danielle from Dream Factory and Orton with Barb.

Cena and Janet

Kane and Danielle

Orton and Barb

– To update the ending of last week’s Triple H vs. Curtis Axel main event on RAW, WWE is listing it as a win for Axel. No official result was announced on RAW.

– There is some speculation that WWE’s physical Hall of Fame may end up being an attraction at a theme park, not something standing on its own. Apparently there has been some talk of WWE doing a Hall of Fame at Universal Studios in Florida.

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • allan mccann

    kane doesnt fool anyone, hes just like big show, he may be a giant or a monster but so is there heart.

  • Dimestore Trophy

    if triple h could not keep going then he forfit

    • allan mccann

      still a lose, but who cares jr beat hhh b4 lol

  • Zigster666

    If they do put the one in Florida, why not in every other Universal Studios location. They have the budget for it. Especially if it gets rave reviews in Florida.