Did Shorty G Just Turn Heel? Former Tag Team Champions Split Up On Smackdown


Former Tag Champs Split Up

It looks like Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross may have finally called it quits as a tag team.

Tensions have been high for several weeks, as the constant shenanigans from Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and her best friend Sasha Banks have repeatedly screwed over an already irate – and let’s face it, mildly unstable – Nikki Cross.

Cross lost another match to Bayley on Friday Night Smackdown this evening, a return to their bout at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Bliss attempted to comfort her defeated friend afterwards, but was shoved to the ground.

The nightmare didn’t end there, as Nikki stormed off leaving her potentially former tag team partner alone in the ring to be attacked by The Fiend! 

Did Shorty G Just Turn Heel?

Shorty G is literally named Shorty G because of King Corbin. The two hate each other. So when Corbin approached him backstage on Friday Night Smackdown about taking out Matt Riddle – at a price, of course – nobody really took it seriously.

About ten minutes later, we were forced to take the former Chad Gable very seriously. In an uncharacteristic attack, ‘G stormed the ring to save Corbin from a post-match attack at the hands of Riddle, absolutely destroying the “Original Bro” with a rolling German suplex.

Gable made it very clear that the attack was all about the money, so it’s possible it wasn’t a “full” heel turn – but it’s not like WWE to be very subtle about… well, anything.