Dixie Carter Comments on AJ Styles Defending the TNA Title Overseas


Dixie Carter responded to AJ Styles defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title against Judas Mesias at a AAA event in Jalisco, Mexico this past weekend. Dixie stated that Styles is not the company’s World Champion, so he was not defending the TNA.

“If he wants to take that belt that he stole from my company and take it south of the border and pretend like he’s still somebody, then more power to him,” said Carter. “But the truth is, he’s not. What everyone is talking about right now is my World heavyweight title tournament.”

You can check out here statement in the video embedded below.

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  1. This was a smart move even wwe wouldn’t do this. It shows TNA supports pro wrestling not just themselves, I mean u all root for the wwe and talk about how no one can stop it ,or just like Walmart and coke and all these powerhouses are soon enough going to be are only option. And you all will be praying for tna


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