Dixie Carter Comments on Upcoming TNA Video Game & Bill Goldberg


Dixie Carter answered a batch of #AskDixie questions earlier today which were posted on the TNA’s official website. One follower asked Dixie if TNA would develop another video game and if the company would sign Bill Goldberg. Here is her response to the question:

“I hope so! Our first game sold over one million copies worldwide. We are hopeful we’ll find the right partner for another video game soon. And regarding Bill, he is a great talent. We would love to work with him one day.”

Dixie also answered questions signing MMA fighters, King Mo’s absence, helping wrestlers out with other projects and more.

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  1. the first tna game was crap it was like 1999 warzone, the moves looked like s*** and didnt connect proper there were so many stupid things it was like an arcade wrestling game.. they should copy wwe design its not really copying its just making a real wrestling game not a peice of s*** its pretty clear why they havent had another till now

  2. nooooo goooolllldddbbbeeeerrggg. if goldberg joins tna which i doubt that ass will im with all of you guys DEATH TO TNA!

  3. what the hell are you thinking!!!!!!????? seriously! ive lost all hope for tna. you guys have become pathetic, way to screw s*** up Hogan and bishoff and Dixie, just do use a favor who used to watch tna an give it back to jeff so he can be different an not try an copy wwe, I cant find the words to describe how s***ty its become since the Hogan Dixie era, so when are you bringin in roy nelson or Emmanuel yardbrough or bob sapp, “will you teach me to wrestle” get creative! not stupid! bring back six sides! so much wasted talent in tna getting swept under the rug like morgan, hardy, or rvd (that’s now gone because of hogan) and basically the whole x division (or whos left that Hogan didn’t get rid of) because you want mma guys there to stand with a giant head an look like a douche…. if I were vince I wouldn’t give you a nickel for that piece of s*** you call a show or program or whatever you want to call it

  4. you people r f***in retarded. the 1st game was decent despite the mechanics. People r f***in crybabies all cuz WWE had game creators that knew what they were doing. Midway was f***in trash, and that’s y they don’t create video games n e more. TNA can bounce back in 2014. Save money, sign with a better game company that gives a care, cut all the dead weight.


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