Dixie Carter Holds Meeting In Nashville to Discuss Concerns


– While WWE was preparing for their big Network announcement on Wednesday, Dixie Carter held a meeting with TNA employees at their headquarters in Nashville to address some concerns.

Regarding TV tapings, from March going forward there is still no confirmed plans. Dixie told workers she is confident some sort of deal will be worked out with Universal Studios that will see the company return there. TNA is also looking at a few other potential locations for tapings.

Speaking about Jeff Jarrett’s departure, Dixie called it a “business decision” but did not elaborate any more.

The latest on the location for TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view is that it will be held somewhere in the Miami, Florida area.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. Making the same mistakes Eric Bischoff made…(excessively) playing a character on TV and trying to run a promotion.

      • Right. And was eventually replaced by Russo…and where is he now? He should have stuck to (effectively) managing, WCW would still be around.

        • it wasnt biscoffs or russo fault wcw closed up, it was aol/tw they didn’t want anything to do with wrestling on their network, if turner didn’t allow the merger (which he still regrets doing) then wcw would still be around and we wouldn’t have tna

          • True but I’m referring to the carelessness with TT’s money that swelled the heads and egos of wrestlers whom seemed to be running the show. Had wrestlers, contracts, and money been better managed, WCW would have been proved itself worth keeping around.


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