Dixie Carter on Monty Brown & Great Muta Returns & More


Dixie Carter answered another batch of #AskDixie questions today. Here are a few questions she answered.

If Monty Brown will ever return to TNA: “Monty Brown is still one of my favorite TNA stars from our early days. He was able to transition from the NFL to the ring and showed good charisma. Monty is now retired and currently lives in Michigan.”

If The Great Muta will ever appear for TNA: “It was wonderful to have Muta visit last week at our TNA offices in Nashville. There are a lot of exciting business opportunities in Japan, and some incredible talent as well that I’d love to showcase on Impact. We have a great home on Nippon Television G+ Sports every Saturday night and hope to bring IMPACT to Japan in the future.”

If there are any public signings for their upcoming Norfolk show: “Absolutely! You can meet meet Magnus, Mickie James and Jeremy Borash on Wednesday, August 14th from 4-6pm at Direct Auto Insurance 875 East Little Creek Road in Norfolk”

Mickie James Dressed Up As a HOT School Girl…. WOW!!!!


  1. i was pissed the alpha male never made it big in the wwe he left way to early because of family problems and never returned even though he was open to in both tna and wwe oh well as long as hes happy but i do miss the ….poooooounnnceee

    • No, I could tell the guy sucked when he did his short WWE stint. He sucked, and he tried to come back and WWE smartened up and told him to go back home. Another future endeavors case.


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