Dixie Carter Reacts to AJ Styles Rejecting Her Contract

As seen on Impact, AJ Styles retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bully Ray due to interference from a returning Mr. Anderson, who caused a disqualification. Following the bout, Styles rejected a contract offer from Dixie Carter and “walked out on TNA” with possession of the belt. In this 24/7 video Dixie reacts to AJ’s decision.

“You know, all this time, I thought I needed Bully Ray to take out AJ, and the fact of the matter is, he took out himself,” said Carter. “I didn’t have to pay the $50,000. I didn’t have to pay him that big fat contract I offered. He’s gone and he did it and I’m looking forward to the future.”

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  • Ralph Ramos

    Her wanting to go away with AJ on her jet was kind of funny, although I know a lot of guys that would’ve taken her up on her offer. A lot of guys would’ve “Played Ball” with her. She’s semi-good looking, and she’s rich. They portray AJ as southern trailer park trash, which is kind of funny too. Good writing 🙂

  • Fast Eddie

    AJ Styles is awesome! Even though he is 100% white redneck trailer park trash. I love his matches.