Dixie Carter Reveals Message She Sent to Billy Corgan Regarding TNA Sale

The Tennessean has published a story featuring quotes from TNA President Dixie Carter. In the article, Dixie denies reports that the company was for sale and discussed rumors of Smashing Punkins’ Billy Corgan wanting to buy the company.

“Since we have been in business going on 12 years now, this has been an ongoing (speculation), ‘Oh, we’re going out of business. We’re not going to make it,'” Carter said. “Ever since we started, people were taking odds on how long we would last. This last time I think a lot of it was perpetuated by a story that Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins was going to buy it.

“I texted Billy and I said, ‘Oh really, so you’re going to buy my company? Are you excited? That’s cool.’ And he said, ‘Oh, don’t you love rumors.’ ”

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  • Phantom90

    Shut up Dixie.

    • Josh Cervera


  • Louisa Baton

    She hasn’t been with the company for 12 years so how would she know that information. Just give it back to Jeff and you can keep your online gig.