Dixie Carter Says She is Looking for New Talent, Impact Viewership Increases


– TNA president Dixie Carter mentioned on Twitter that she is scouting new talent to add to their roster.

“Out with the old… In with the new… I am personally looking at every potential new talent to create the #Genesis of the future of TNA.”

This follows AJ Styles’ departure from the company, and Sting’s contract situation coming to deadline. Also, Kurt Angle recently mentioned that his contract with the company expires in August of this year.

– Thursday’s Impact Wrestling averaged 1.393 million viewers, which is up from last week’s 1.128 million. This is the best audience for the show in several months.

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  1. For once I realize I don’t give a s***, AJ Styles gone, Dixie getting worth than the Authority in the WWE well ratings are up but who are there stars know all major players are gone Ethan a worse s***, Been a supporter of TNA know who knows unless they inprove in talent getting tired of Roode Angle every week great matches such Cell match but its getting boring. TNA Dixie better get off at TV never thought i say this but Hogan know what he was doing know who knows what they are doing. Hope TNA makes but at this point even throw ratings are up who knows.

    • Dont forget Samuel Shaw that just makes me shake my head in disgust besides the Ethan and I think oh my God this is wrestling. Why doesnt Dixie have a rename the show and call it This is what DIxie thinks and have nothing but people on her side. Run all the Good wrestler out of the company.and then they can have a show like the View.

      • Mr Francis I seen your post about TNA I been a supporter but as HHH says what Dixie doing its not even good for bussiness. Never thought i would say this but where the hell is Hogan n B****off

        • I not going to argue there. You can only stand so many Roode vs Angle part Z it gets old. I thought its been great but I knew this was what was going to happen when Magnus first match was won by a fluke and then he just thought its me its me. I thought it was good about the Aces and 8s disbanding. Alot has been great I will agree with you but some of this is just been horrid.


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