Dixie Carter Talks About Hulk Hogan’s Popularity


Dixie Carter discussed the importance of Hulk Hogan to TNA during a recent interview with BANG Showbiz. Carter went on to claim that Hogan is the most famous wrestler in the world and his fame rivals Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

“He (Hulk) is bigger than any brand, company, name – he is synonymous with wrestling and is probably one of the most recognisable faces or figures on the entire planet. Name me someone who is alive today who’d be more recognisable in any corner of the world? In places like Africa and Asia, or if you were walking in Thailand? Princess Diana or Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley maybe? But they aren’t even with us anymore. The Rock?

“Well, if you are walking in a village in Africa would people know who The Rock was? I think his film work has been outstanding. I’m a huge fan of The Rock, I think he is phenomenal, but would that happen?”

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