DJ Z On Nearly Dying in the Ring, His Opinion of WWE 205 Live, If He Wants to Wrestle in WWE



Two-time X Division Champion DJ Z was in studio on “Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar” presented by Ticket King. Go to and use the code LABARFAN and get 15% off tickets.

The 30-minute conversation covered a range of topics. Here’s some highlights (transcription courtesy of @PeterBahi):

On Almost Dying in the Ring After Taking a 450 Splash in Mexico City:

Back in April, I was wrestling for The Crash in Mexico City, and it’s been documented in other documentaries and in other podcasts, but I took a 450 Splash and it caused me to bleed internally; I ruptured my colon, and I almost died. I went to a hospital in Mexico City, and the severity of the injury was so bad that they had to cut open my abdomen, and they had to clean two liters of blood from my body; so that is half of the blood from the human body. They had to resection my colon, stitch me up, and then sew up my abdomen and ruin my perfect six-pack.

On Whether Not Taking a 450 Splash Would Diminish His Chances of Being in the WWE:

I still have dreams; of course, everybody’s dream is to wrestle in the WWE someday. I can’t imagine the day that maybe, hopefully I get my opportunity to wrestle in the WWE, and all of a sudden, you’re facing Finn Balor, oh but I can’t take the Coup De Grace because of my stomach; oh, you’re facing Mustafa Ali, yeah but I can’t take the reverse 450 that he does; I don’t want it to get to that point. I think to myself, if I have any chance of going to the WWE someday I need to be able to receive all these maneuvers. I do hope that in the future I will be completely healed and be able to take those types of maneuvers, so we’ll see.

On His Impressions of 205 Live:

What sets them apart from Finn Balor and Seth Rollins? They all do the same moves. Other than some purple ropes, what is setting them apart to be different? I think that is the challenge for sure; but the Cruiserweight Challenge, man, that was an incredible show. That tournament was incredible; and to me personally, to be able to see some of my friends. Mustafa Ali, who I trained with in Lucha Libre gyms in Chicago; TJ Perkins, who I have traveled up and down the road with, and so many others. I just feel like, I would say that 90% of people in the tournament, I have had personal experiences with, conversations with, matches with, so to see my friends on that stage makes me happy.

Other topics in the interview….

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On wanting to get rid of the Shiima Xion name in TNA (16:30 mark)

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