Dolph Now Has A New Lease On His Career


The superstar shake up this past week has had me thinking about a lot of things and I will be posting several op eds to discuss what we could be seeing in the coming year.

The most interesting thing from SmackDown Live for me on Tuesday night was having Dolph Ziggler in the ring and bringing out Shinsuke Nakamura to begin what I am sure is a big upcoming feud between the two.

Dolph should run to whoever it was in creative that put these two together and shake their hand. They may have very well just rejuvenated his career.

Shinsuke is a two time NXT Champion and the man I consider the best striker in WWE today. His arrival to SmackDown Live the week before was perfect and this feud should only elevate the profile of both Superstars.

Dolph being a former World Champion in his own right, this feud if done right (how many are lately) is money. Shinsuke of course will garner the respect of the locker room with some great performances but the fans may buy into Dolph again. This would be great for a guy who just seems to be wandering in the locker room these days.

Stay tuned.