Dolph Ziggler Comments on Favorite Match Wrestled, Influences & More


Dolph Ziggler revealed to The Spanish Announce Table the favorite match he was involved in.

“I hate that I say this all the time, but a couple Rumbles ago, one of Edge’s last matches. One of the last matches was me and him at the Royal Rumble. Maybe 25 or 30 minutes for the World Heavyweight Title and the last ten minutes of the match, whether I was someone that lost every week, I thought on at least six or seven different occasions that I had won that match. We had them on the edge of their seats for the full last ten minutes of the match up. Edge was someone who I travelled with and got to learn from. To be able to go out there against him, going head to head and holding my own against someone that great, that’s what makes it that much more special to me.”

Ziggler commented on his favorite match of all-time.

“Watching? Because I got to be there and I went out in the crowd and watched it, I’m not good with numbers, you guys will know better, it was the first Shawn Michaels Undertaker match because I worked for the WWE. I was actually sitting backstage and got to go out into the crowd and watch those guys, two icons in the business, to go out there. Even without their awesome story and twenty year build up behind the scenes, that was awesome. And to know the story and know what those guys are doing, what they’re capable of, that first time they went, that was one of the most special things I’ve ever seen in person.”

Ziggler also discussed his big influence in his professional wrestling career.

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“Might have hit it already. Just because of a talk I had with him last week at a TV, I’d have to go with Shawn Michaels. When I was in the Spirit Squad and first starting here he wasn’t full time, but he was around all the time, doing some live events and doing some TVs and things. I got to constantly go what would you do in this situation? Why am I not doing this? He had been in several similar situations that I had, just trying to get ahead and trying to get to the top, and literally last week was the first time I’ve seen him in a while. Sat him down and got to talk to him for an hour last weekend. Vent, got to ask his advice. So I got to go with Shawn on that.”

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