Dolph Ziggler Comments on Kurt Angle & Joining WWE


Dolph Ziggler spoke to the Windsor Star News Cafe earlier today about how Kurt Angle’s success made him realize that he could make it in the WWE.

“I’m not a bigger guy, so I told myself that if I could break some records in college, because of how good Kurt Angle was doing at the time with WWE, that I’d have a shot to get my foot in the door,” Ziggler said. “I was lucky enough, I did well in college, they gave me a shot, they knew I was a fan and it all worked out.”

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  1. The problem with Ziggler is he has no decent finishing move. The zigzag looks terrible, the sleeper never ends a match. I also don’t get his character… He’s a show off who doesn’t actually show off outside the ring or even in it.
    I think he will always be a high mid card.

    • Show off means he likes to show off in the ring.I agree about the zig zag but ziggler is very well liked and has a lot of believers he’s got so good over The last six years. The problem. Is simple ..Size..stupid size

    • yaes like him but getting treated bad still think he joining Bryan but he needs more attitude bein a face not for him


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