Dolph Ziggler Comments on Legends Telling Him to Slow Down & More

Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by “Between the Ropes” radio show. Here are some highlights.

On wrestlers telling him his style will lead to serious injuries down the line: “I’ve been pulled aside by legends and guys backstage and being told that I put my body through too much sometimes. I understand that, but I’m out there in the ring trying to give the best possible performance I can. I can’t not run into something as hard as I can. I can’t not give my all. And one day that could be a problem, but so far I’ve never been injured to where I was out for weeks from anything I’ve done.”

On why he wrestles the hard-nosed style that he does: “I got kicked in the head one time and, like you said, it was a fluke, and every other thing I’ve done I put my body on the line because I want to because I want this crowd to go ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and ‘Wow, we’ve got to get behind this guy.’ I go there to prove to myself that I’m going to work harder than everyone else and I always will.”

On losing momentum after suffering a concussion: “I feel like before the concussion we were finally starting to get some momentum. I was the only guy in this business who had a girlfriend and a giant bodyguard ringside with me and would still lose every night. As we were starting to work together and actually piece together some wins, I started to feel this is how a faction works. Just then, I got the concussion and I think that set back a few things and put in motion that maybe it’s time everyone goes their separate ways.”

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  • allanmccann

    its kind of like you can eat foods that are good for you but where is the fun in that. whats the point of living longer if it sucks. dolph should only slow down when his body tells him too. besides some guys bust there ass like edge and end up messed up for life and some guys barely move and die young

  • Ralph Ramos

    Dolph Ziggler should be getting the push of a lifetime right now. If its because of the concussion thing, ok. But its not fair to him or everyone else to hold him back too much longer because he’s so good in the ring and he has earned the right to be on top, just like Daniel Bryan.

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk are the 3 best in ring workers in the WWE right now.